At Ian Legg Electrical Services, we proudly offer a wide range of industrial and commercial electrical solutions to meet your unique needs. Our expertise encompasses:

Emergency Lighting: We are skilled in the installation and maintenance of emergency lighting systems, ensuring your safety during critical situations.

Fire Alarm Systems: Our team specializes in designing, installing, and maintaining fire alarm systems, safeguarding your premises against potential fire hazards.

Three Phase Power: We handle the complexities of three-phase power installations, providing reliable and robust solutions for your industrial and commercial power requirements.

Three Phase Switchgear: Our services extend to the installation and upkeep of three-phase switchgear, ensuring efficient power distribution and protection.

General Power: We offer comprehensive solutions for general power needs, tailored to the specific demands of your industrial or commercial facility.

General Lighting: With a focus on energy efficiency and effectiveness, we design and install lighting systems that enhance visibility and productivity in your workspace.

Ventilation and Extraction Fans: Our expertise includes ventilation and extraction fan solutions, creating a safe and comfortable environment while adhering to industry regulations.

Count on Ian Legg Electrical Services for professional, and industry-specific electrical solutions that meet the highest standards for your industrial and commercial requirements.